Lani Smith, Master of Science in Information Management

Specialization: Information Architecture (Taxonomy and Ontology Development, Metadata Management)

Other Areas of Focus: User Experience Design, User Research, Visualization Design
University of Washington, Class of 2018


As an individual final project, I was tasked with building a metadata schema that could be used by Amazon's Alexa program. I chose to build a schema around the concept of using Alexa to help with weight and nutrition management, specifically by integrating existing Alexa Skills in order to bring Alexa's potential functionality to a new level. To build the working Taxonomy and Metadata Schema, I researched existing nutritional health taxonomies, as well as food and health related metadata schemas, and integrated them using the web-based PoolParty software.

Linked here are my Strategy Document, which details the business rationale for such a schema, as well as the simple working Taxonomy and Metadata Schema to support my proposed concept.

Alexa Metadata Schema for Weight and Nutrition Management

Class: Metadata Design
Year: 2017

Skills: Metadata Design, Metadata Management, Research, Analysis, Documentation

Foodie Fanatic Website Update

Class: Introduction to Information Architecture
Year: 2017

Skills: Consulting, Project Management, Site Map Revision, Taxonomy Revision, User Experience, Wireframes

All quarter, my team and I (as Tisila Consulting) worked on a website overhaul for a fictional recipe hub and retail operation called Foodie Fanatic. We were tasked with conducting a literature review of documents provided by the clients, and worked through several layers including:

  • Initial Business Case
  • User Personas
  • Wireframes
  • Navigational Taxonomy Management

Linked here is our final Business Case, which was presented in class in a mock client pitch, as well as final navigation taxonomies.

Mirinesse Women's Choir Website Update

Year: 2017

Skills: Site Map Revision, Wireframes

As an extracurricular, I have been performing with the Mirinesse Women's Choir since 2012. In 2017 I joined the Board, and was asked to propose a better website than the existing layout. To illustrate my proposed changes and to elicit feedback from the other board members, I created the linked set of documents which contain:

  • Existing Mirinesse Site Map
  • Proposed Revision to Site Map
  • Wireframe Mockups for New or Revised Pages

My group and I spent most of the quarter working toward a final project based around solving a problem for our Client company (name withheld for confidentiality). The problem was largely outlined as the Client being challenged to find more effective ways to engage their employees and monitor that engagement through metrics and analysis.

Linked here is our final presentation, which we made to the Client, about our proposed solution. While other groups in our class chose to propose building solutions from the ground up, we took a more practical and realistic approach for the scope of the project by finding and researching an existing product: RewardsGate.

Client Proposal: Employee Engagement System

Class: Enterprise Information Systems Analysis and Design
Year: 2017

Skills: Business Analysis, Consulting, Research

For the final project in this class, my group was asked to select a social movement with a significant online presence and construct a digital artifact discussing it. We chose to record a podcast around the Marriage Equality movement and the hashtag "#LoveWins", which peaked in usage in 2015 around the June 26 Supreme Court decision which legalized gay marriage nationwide.

In addition to participating in the discussion, I also sourced audio clips and edited the podcast together. The requirement was for it to be no more than 15 minutes in length. Due to the fact that my group members were based in different areas of the country, the main audio was recorded via Google Hangouts. Other audio clips were taken from YouTube, and the podcast itself was edited together using GarageBand.

The Love Wins Podcast

Class: Digital Media, Social Activism, and Information Systems
Year: 2018

Skills: Audio Editing

Affirmative Action: New Guidelines for Federal Contractors

Year: 2014

Skills: Consulting, Documentation, Technical Writing, Research, User Experience
Subject Matter Expertise: Affirmative Action Law

As the Affirmative Action Plan Coordinator at my previous employer, I pitched the idea of a client-friendly FAQ that covered changes to Affirmative Action regulations in March 2014. The changes going into effect entailed a new, data-collection heavy approach to monitoring employment for Veterans and the Disabled, including new application and hiring documents, as well as new reports within the Affirmative Action Plan itself. As we worked with a high number of eligible federal contractors, I felt it prudent to create the FAQ to expedite providing answers to them, as well as reduce the burden on our end of having to repeat the same information again and again.

The document linked here is the resulting page (which has since been taken down from the website), which was written by me and approved by one of the attorneys on staff before publication.